Airplane mood♡

I really love this snapchat effects, they are beautiful. The current airplane I fly to Sweden again, but soon I will go back to my country on holiday and beautiful weather. The plane is so boring unless you sleep, then quickly time passes. The food on the plane was always desperate or so after a short flight of 2 hours ate the most beautiful food that there is, in my mind the most beautiful. I prefer to travel with Norwegian company. My look is very simple this time, but the hair and makeup are the most important. I prepared for my love, he wait on me. Although, he will always love you if you are in a basic t-shirt and sweatpants, with tied hair and no makeup. Do not forget.

Bigger mirror please :)

Hey, who does not like today, denim clothes, that is so trendy and can even become obsolete. At any color put some part of denim clothes and fashionable you are. Well done. Today, I need a bigger mirror because it is somehow a little to create an image.

Jacket: H & M 

Jeans: New Yorker

Tshirt: H & M

Hair: Bellami https://www.bellamihair.com/collections/piccolina-120g-18inch-clip-in-hair-extensions/products/piccolina-2-dark-brown-hair-extensions-120g-18

Go away cold

The beginning of my blog, I do not know what will come of this but I wanted to start because of the great desire for fashion and photography. Well let's see. I love to make pictures in the bus somehow has a lot of light and images are always good. In a sea of ​​boring days, go out of the apartment for a little sun in cold Sweden.

Glasses: H & M

Jacket: H & M

Hair: Bellami